VIP Lounge

VIP MEMBERSHIP is a PAID membership that contains many unique privileges and benefits, some of which are:

  1. Viewing listed properties
  2. Viewing special listed properties – special projects that are ONLY viewable by VIP MEMBERS
  3. Viewing all information about the listed properties, as NOT all information will be shown to other members (such as: exact location, land plot number, built up size…etc).
  4. Privilege of asking for extra information about all listed properties.
  5. Privilege of requesting for a certain inquiry that is not listed (for example: “I need a land in Barsha area, close to mall of the emirates”.
  6. Receiving a weekly news letter.
  7. Receiving instant email notifications of new listed properties and hot deals.
  8. Receiving instant SMS notifications of new listed properties and hot deals.
  9. Receiving instant SMS notification of PRIVATE new listed properties (unique properties and special projects).
  10. Receiving VIP MEMBER Package (booklet with HCP gift).
  11. Support of trade process / clearance service.